People in the Lab

Principal Investigator

LJH_london_march2014_small Leslea J. Hlusko earned her B.A. from the University of Virginia in 1992. After four years exploring the non-academic life in Washington, D.C., she went to Penn State University, where she earned an M.A. (1998) and Ph.D. (2000).  Leslea was an assistant professor in the Department of Anthropology at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign from 2000-2004, and then moved to the Department of Integrative Biology at the University of California Berkeley, receiving tenure in 2008. Here is her CV: Hlusko_CV_2017_june. You can also find more at  (email: hlusko (at) 

 Postdoctoral Researcher

monson_UCMP_smallTesla Monson 
did her undergraduate work at Princeton University, earning a B.A. in Anthropology in 2007, an M.A. from San Francisco State University, and her Ph.D. from UC Berkeley’s Dept of Integrative Biology in 2017.  Her research focuses on the evolution of mammalian craniodental variation. Tesla is also heavily involved in the public outreach of science. For several years she served as the host and producer of The Graduates, a science radio talk show broadcast bimonthly on KALX 90.7FM and available as a podcast. The Graduates features UC Berkeley graduate student research and is committed to advancing diversity in STEM, highlighting paths to research and providing advice to younger generations of students interested in science. In addition to her research, she is the lecturer for IntegBio 35ac Human Biological Variation (email: tesla.monson(at)

Graduate Students

marianne_smallMarianne Brasil 
completed her undergraduate work at UC Berkeley (B.A. Integrative Biology, B.A. Anthropology), during which time she began to work in the lab as an undergraduate researcher. Now as a graduate student she is working on a few different projects, including: (1) reevaluating the taxonomy of a fossil Old World monkey genus, Parapapio; (2) describing human skeletal fossil material from Middle Awash, Ethiopia; and (3) characterizing canine tooth variation within Order Carnivora through a study of covariance patterns within the dentition. Marianne is broadly interested in how skeletal and dental variation is patterned across taxa, and how the evolution of hard tissue morphology is directed by developmental and genetic constraints. (email: mbrasil(at)

Peter w. turtle_small Peter Kloess completed his B.S. in Earth Sciences from Montana State University in 2003. He spent the subsequent decade travelling across the United States protecting fossils as an environmental consultant, as well as collecting and cataloguing fossils as a museum assistant curator. He returned to academia, earning his M.S. in Geological Sciences from California State University, Fullerton in 2015. His PhD research focuses on the evolution of the feeding apparatus in turtles, to quantify cranial morphology with diet and habitat (email: pakloess(at)

catCatherine Taylor earned her BA in Physical Anthropology and Evolutionary Biology from Case Western Reserve University in 2016. She has done paleoanthropological fieldwork with the Olduvai Geochronology and Archaeology Project at Olduvai Gorge, Tanzania, and with the Woranso-Mille Paleoanthropological Research Project in the Afar region of Ethiopia. Her research interests are primarily focused the evolution and functional morphology of fossil hominids. (email: catherine_taylor(at)

Undergraduate Research Assistants

Rena Dvoretzky (Spring 2017 – current)

Sarah Greenlee (Fall 2017 – current)

Rachel Patterson (Fall 2017 – current)

Shruti Ravindramurthy (Fall 2016 – current)

Joseph Seo (Fall 2016 – current)

Madeleine Zuercher (Fall 2015 – current)


Most of us at the end-of-semester lab lunch, May 2016

Here's most of the lab members, all together for end-of-semester resarch presentations. May 2016.
Here’s most of the lab members, all together for end-of-semester research presentations. May 2016.

Past Lab Members

Julia Addiss, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2009-2011; Stephen Akerson, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2008-2010; Sarah Kigamwa Amugongo, Graduate Student, PhD 2010; Chris Anderson, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2005; Amy Bartel, Undergraduate Research Assistant, AY 2014-15; Liz Bates, HERC Staff Research Assistant 2006-2009; Liz Broughton, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2004-2008; Josh Cohen, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2009-2012; Salar Deldar, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2004-2005; Sharlene Cam, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2012-2014; Selene Clay, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2013-15; Jeff Coleman, Undergraduate Research Assistant & honors thesis, 2015 – 2017); Michelle Thanh Dinh, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – 2016) Nick Do, Undergraduate Research Assistant & NSF REU recipient, 2004-2006; Maris Dyer, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2013; Brittany Doremus, Undergrad honors thesis, 2005-2006; Fadi Faraskh, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2014 – Spring 2016; Zach Fletcher, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2005-2008; Kalynn Graham, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2015; Theresa Grieco, Graduate Student, PhD 2013; Sandy Gutierrez, Undergraduate Research Assistant & IMSD Fellow 2013-2014; Nima Hejazi, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2011-2012; Jeannie Hernandez, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2004; Nicholas Herold, Undergraduate Research Assistant Fall 2014 – Fall 2015; Anne Holden, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, 2006-2007; Mike Holmes, Graduate student, 2010-2011; Michaela Huffman, Postdoctoral Research Assistant, September 2014 – August 2016; Amanda Israel, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2014 – Spring 2016; Romali Kamat, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2014 – Summer 2016; Charity Karungari, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – Spring 2016; Niyatha Kaval, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – 2017; Sarah Kendall, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2013 – Summer 2015; Eun Jin Kim, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – 2016; Tina Koh, Undergraduate Research Assistant & honors thesis, 2004-2008, Research Assistant, 2008-2009; Alexis Lainoff, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2008-2009), Staff Lab Assistant (2009-2011); Priscilla Lee, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2010-2011; Daniel Lopez, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2009-2010; Bogart Marquez, Undergraduate Research Assistant (2012-2015); Tesla Monson, Volunteer Research Assistant, 2008; Sarah Moon, graduate student, 2008-2009; Kurtis Morrish, undergraduate research assistant, 2009-2012; Jacqueline Moustakas-Verho, postdoctoral researcher, 2007-2010; Alicia Murua-Gonzalez, undergraduate research assistant, 2008-2010; Jackson Njau, Postdoctoral Researcher, 2009-2011; Chris Page, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2005; Natalie Reeder, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2004-2005; Oliver Rizk, Graduate Student, PhD 2012; Chris Schmitt, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2014-2015; Sabrina Sholts, Postdoctoral Scholar, 2010-2012; Kevin Taehyung, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2014 – 2016; Risa Takenaka, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2013-2015; Kara Timmins, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2009-2010; Joshua Varkel, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2015; Jeffrey Wang, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – 2016; Mallory Watkins, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2008-2012; Whitney Reiner, Graduate Student 2011-2017, PhD 2017; Whitney Wah-Siu Tse, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – 2016; Natalie Wu, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2004-2005; Amy Yen, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2005-2006; Sunwoo Yoo, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2013-2015; Jeffrey Yoshihara, Undergraduate Research Assistant 2009-2011; Ellen Young, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2006; Anne Zavala, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Spring 2015 – Spring 2016; Michael Zhou, Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – 2016); Stella Zhu,  Undergraduate Research Assistant, Fall 2015 – 2016; Arta Zowghi, Undergraduate Research Assistant, 2007-2010